Products based on RAMAN Spectroscopy
In Raman Spectroscopy, when a beam of light is scattered from a material, a very small part is transferred to molecular vibrations and scattered inelastically causing Raman spectrum. Products are based on Raman Spectroscopy:
1. AhuraFD (formerly FirstDefender)
2. FirstDefender RM
3. FirstDefender RMX

  Products based on FTIR Spectroscopy
FTIR spectroscopy has unique strengths that complement Raman spectroscopy. Most notably, FTIR is ideal for the following situations:
Fluorescent samples: Some samples, particularly colored materials, emit energy in the form of fluorescence when interrogated with a Raman instrument.
Dark colored samples: Dark colored samples can absorb energy from a Raman laser which can limit identification performance.
FTIR, on the other hand, does not present a similar concern making it a preferable technique for darker colored samples.

  Rapid Threat Screening for Checkpoint (Airport) Security
TruScreen provides airport checkpoints with high-throughput liquid explosives screening for uninterrupted passenger flow and non-invasive sampling.

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